ATG-X07 Gundam Achilles, digital art by Diko Sidhikoro

ATG-X07 Gundam Achilles
Multi-role Strike Mobile Suit
Model Number: ATG-X07
Namesake: Gundam Achilles
First Deployment:
Manufacturer: Anaheim Electronics ADS International
Operator: Anaheim Electronics Black Wing Division
Known Pilot: Diko Sidhikoro
Overall Height: 19.5 meters
Empty Weight: Unknown
Maximum Weight: 59.4 metric tons
Powerplant: Ultracompact thermonuclear reactor, power output rating, 2400 kW
  • 4 x rocket thrusters, 21000 kg
  • 24 x point verniers and vector thrusters
Maximum Acceleration: Unknown
Sensor Range: Unknown
Accommodation: Pilot only, with standard panoramic view, in chest
Armor: Adamantium CFRP alloy, anti-beam plating, ERA (electric reactive armor)
OS: Not applicable

ATG-X07 Gundam Achilles is a mobile suit featured in the fan fiction MS GUNDAM: The Lost War Chronicles. It is piloted by Diko Sidhikoro.

Weapons and Armaments:Edit

  • 2 x 30 mm Phalanx CIWS Vulcan - connected with onboard HMD
  • 2 x Armor Shredder combat knives
  • 2 x Raytheon 3-point Beam Saber
  • 1 x Beam Scythe - formed by combining the Raytheon beam sabers
  • 1 x Long Adamantium Anti-material Grand Slam Sword
  • 1 x Sidearm HK-GUSP Mk. III - with optional beam/anti-material rounds
  • 1 x Heckler & Koch/Raytheon HKR-CBR16A1 Beam Rifle - power rating 3.5 mW
  • 1 x Heckler & Koch/Raytheon HKR-BPSG90A1 Sentinel Sniper Beam/Anti-material Rifle

Equipment and Design Features:Edit

  • 1 x shield - combined with Desert Claw grapling anchor, mounted on left arm
  • RSP (Ranger Striker Pack) - with 4 x Cluster Missile pods



Achilles was heavily damaged during its battle against RZ-02A Axiom, but not without damaging the other mobile suit as well.