Adrian Zowih Frost, art by John Nigel

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Adrian Zowih Frost, digi-art by Richard Mendoza

Genetic Type: “Category F emergence” enhanced Newtype
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: White (no pupil)
Age: 31 years old
Date of Birth: March 11, LC 0012
Place of Birth: Zeeland
Blood Type: Unknown
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 90 kg.
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Royal Zeon Empire
Allegiance: Royal Zeon Empire
Mobile Armor:
  • Deep penetration agent
  • Critical situation operative
Rank: Ensign
Character Author: John Nigel

Adrian Zowih Frost is a character from the fan fiction MS Gundam: THE LOST CENTURY Interquel story arc. He is also a spy/deep penetration agent (DPA) working for the Royal Zeon Empire. He pilots the mobile armor XMAF-1103vc Valkyrie Cyclone.

Personality and Characteristics:

Skills and Abilities:

As an enhanced Newtype, Frost can satisfactorily pilot mobile weapons that are equipped with Neuro-link Control Strategy compatible to his five electro-neurological ports in his spinal column. He can control the mobile weapon using brainwaves or thought patterns without difficulty in eye-hand-foot coordination.


Being an artificial or "enhanced" newtype, Frost was being subjected to the Sixth Day Protocol of the Royal Zeon Empire. He was biologically experimented, installing five electro-neurological terminal ports in his spinal column. The purpose for this is for him to mentally control any mobile suit or mobile armor equipped with the Neuro-link Control Strategy. Five sensor rods are automatically inserted to these ports. The effects of this system is enormously numbing pain to Frost, who eventually mastered the system.

His father was mercilessly killed under the direct order by the Royal Zeon Ministry of Collective Science Research head, Lord Piotr Heimlich, who also heads the Sixth Day Protocol (SDP) Special Division.


Fan Art:


XMAF-1103vc Valkyrie Cyclone, art by John Nigel