Amber Leigh La Flaga, art by John Nigel

"Endymion Falcon"
Genetic Type: "Type C Emergence" Newtype
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Age: 26 years old
Date of Birth: September 15, LC 0018
Place of Birth: Earth
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 58 kg
Gender: Female
  • La Flaga Institute
  • AE Black Wing Division
Allegiance: Neutral
Mobile Armor(s):
Occupation: Mobile Suit engineer
Epithet: "Endymion Falcon"
Character Author: Lei Labrador

Amber Leigh La Flaga is a character from the fan fiction MS GUNDAM: THE LOST CENTURY Interquel story arc. She pilots mobile armors, LL-MA2mod.37 Moebius Adelphe and XMAF-1102vg Valkyrie Gust.

Personality and Character:Edit

Amber is a thoughtful and responsible person, willing to give up her personal comfort for the sake of others. Upon knowing the death of her late relative's husband, she felt the responsibility to seek her relative's daughter, Zyann Nigel and take care of her. She is at times humorous but strict and firm. She regards bravery and cool composure as her highest virtues.

Skills and Abilities:Edit

She is proficient in mechanical and mobile suit engineering. Being a daughter of Jonathan La Flaga, the director of La Flaga Institute of Advanced Engineering, she grew up acquainted with mobile suits, mobile armors, droids, and other industrial mechano-machines.

She is also a satisfactory pilot, showing her skills in piloting a mobile armor, LL-MA2mod.37 Moebius Adelphe, at an age of 5. She learned basic and advanced MA maneuver skills from her uncle, Tristan La Flaga. Displaying a sign of Type C Newtype emergence, she showed her prowess of being an ace pilot when she battled against the Royal Zeon's ace pilot, Adrian Zowih Frost.



  • Amber experienced a visual defect due to the prolonged G-forces, when her mobile armor, Moebius Adelphe sped up to +6.8 Gs with the G-Dampener disabled. Bio-regeneration wasn't able to restore her proper sight so she uses computer-enhanced eye contacts.
  • She was often jested and called by her subordinates (Raba Lue and Jante Dre) as the "Endymion Falcon", taking note of her rigid and advanced training under the Tristan La Flaga, an ace pilot who happens to be her uncle.

Fan Fiction Art:Edit


Amber Leigh La Flaga, drawn by John Nigel


XMAF-1102vg Valkyrie Gust, drawn by John Nigel


LL-MA2mod.37 Moebius Adelphe


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