Claude Ashram is an antagonist of the MS Gundam: THE LOST WAR CHRONICLES fan fiction. He pilots the GX-0 Stealth Unicorn .


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"Harbinger Of Death"
Genetic Type: True Innovator
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Age: 29 years old
Date of Birth: November 11, LC 15
Place of Birth:
Blood Type:
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 68 kg.
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Royal Zeon Empire
Allegiance: Royal Zeon Empire
Mobile Suit: GX-0 Stealth Unicorn Specs

Personality and Character:Edit

Claude Ashram is a very proud person but has a sense of modesty and elegance. He is fierce and cold in battle but does not just kill for the sake of killing. He believes in the need of “sacrifices” to achieve a certain goal, thus he carries out missions without fail.

Skills and Abilities:Edit

He is highly skilled in MS piloting with years of experience. Very proficient both in solo missions or in team. Exhibits spatial sensing, and rapid assessments of situation with rapid reaction too. Has an exceptional learning/adaptive abilities.


Immediately after birth, Ashram was taken by the Royal Zeon Empire upon knowing he’s an “evolved” human. He was raised well as a soldier, and had been in countless battles starting when he was 14. Eventually he was known as the “Harbringer of Death” especially when he got to pilot the GX-0 Stealth Unicorn.

Although seemingly merciless and cold in battle, he believes that he is in reasonable terms. He wants to eradicate conflict by dissolving the major cultures of humankind(racism, tribalism, maybe nationalism too, even religions, etc., which gives a sense of ‘difference’ between people that in turn makes people think they are the best/true in a certain “culture”. This prevents the total unification of mankind which is one of the ultimate goal of Claude Ashram. He believes that by the total unification of mankind, eventual heightening of awareness of human(self) existence (in general) in relation to everything will take place. This will result in the rapid evolution rate of mankind, eventually leading the age of the “next level of being”(newtypes/innovators, etc..).Claude Ashram thus want to pursue what he calls the “HUMAN DECULTURE”.


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