Complexio Arx System


2 phases of complex route paths of system hacks' blockage.

Advanced Quantum

Protective System

Production Information
  • VEDA
  • ELS
  • Celestial Being Engineers
  • VEDA
  • ELS
  • CB Engineers (partially)
First Deployment: 2365 AD - ???? LC
Power Source
Prime System Base
  • Unrestricted Anti Hacking Logistics
  • Anti System Crash

Complexio Arx System

Complexio Arx System is a special system feature employed by GNT-0000 Tri Qan[T]. It serves as a top level protective control module that blocks all sorts of system compromisations (Hacking).

Description & Characteristics

The Complexio Arx System is a dual Quantum Turing super-recursive algorithm complex module that allows Tri Qan[T] to thwart and impede all sorts of manual and systematic system hacks, electromagnetic waves, brainwaves and signals disruption by using a faint amounts of GN Particles as a mean of transmission throughout the intermediary Quantum Ethereal Plane. This system is automatically activated once the Tri Qan[T]'s is started and does not require any sort of aids in order to activate.

Any signals or transmissions will undergo a series of high speed digital assymetrication, pairing and identification, the source codes will then be extracted for the second phase of code identification looping. These processes ensure all signals and transmissions received by Tri Qan[T] are cleaned. Any detrimental codes, disruptions or frequencies will be rendered ineffective.

It also has a failsafe sub-system that limits the Triple Drive System's operational time to 6 minutes and 13 seconds (one second before the Triple Drive's limit) to prevent the system from overloading. Shall any circuits got damaged, Complexio Arx System can reroute damaged circuits, thus capable of restoring normal system activities.

While blocking harmful signals and transmission, this system has a range limit. Remote weapons originated from Tri Qan[T] could be forcibly took over by enemies capable of doing so. To regain control over the jacked GN Sword Bits,Tri Qan[T] will have to go up close for the bits to be in Complexio Arx's range.


This system was originally derived from VEDA's quantum logistic reasoning's source code, it was further improved by generating multiple layers of protective codes and new add-ons.

In LWC episode 13, Stealth Unicorn used Complexio Arx System's range limit to its own advantage and successfully took over 6 of Tri Qan[T]'s GN Sword Bits when they got out of range. Tri Qan[T] took back control when Stealth Unicorn charged in for a CQC combat, bringing the GN Sword Bits back in range without knowing.

In the same episode, when the Quantum Munimento Armor wasn't activated, Tri Qan[T] was impaled by 2 Large Fangs from Fear Gundam, some of the circuits responsible for the L.V.T System was damaged, the Complexio Arx System then reroute the circuits to restore the system's functions.

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