Diko Sidhikoro, art by Diko Sidhikoro himself

"Eagle Eye"
Genetic Type: Natural
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Age: 26 years old
Date of Birth: LC 0017
Place of Birth: Indonesia
Blood Type: O
Height: 172 cm.
Weight: 70 kg.
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Anaheim Electronics Black Wing Division
Allegiance: Neutral
Mobile Suit: ATG-X07 Gundam Achilles

Diko Sidhikoro is a character featured in the fan fiction, MS GUNDAM: The Lost War Chronicles. He pilots the ATG-X07 Gundam Achilles.

Personality and Character:Edit

Sidhikoro is a supportive person, loyal to his comrades, especially to Knight. He refers to him as a "brother-in-arms".

Skils and Abilities:Edit

Sidhikoro is proficient in general combat but excels in shooting, as he was an ex-Marine Force Recon Sniper.


Indonesian born, he's a former UNMC Terran Marine Force Recon Unit. In his old squad, he was a Sniper unit. He joined Terran Marine at age 21, after finishing his college. Starting as a regular grunt, with his commanding officers inevitably seeing his outstanding ability in Scout & Recon, sent Diko into UNMC Terran Marine Sniper School in Fort Bragg. He was trained in the top qualification for recon unit to undergo battle not only for Infantry but also for Space & Mobile Suit Combat.

Later the test of his skill were came in the Asian War in Kathmandu Campaign, The Battle of Everest. In two whole months of long stressful battle, he was assigned to hold off Asian Dawn, a terrorist group who almost overwhelmed Chinese & Nepalian Army Division in defending Nepal Temple & a Chinese-owned Mass Driver. In that bloody battle, he lost almost all of his fellow battalions. After killing 64 enemy soldier, he & his Sniper Observer were pushed into retreat far deep to the steep of Everest Mountain. With carrying four bullet wounds in his body and frostbite attack he managed to survive, but sadly his Observer were killed during the campaign. Nearly losing his right arm from Frostbite, UN Medical Centre reconstruct a semi cybernetic tissue for his damaged right arm.

Athough he has shown no degradational value in his sniper ability, by using "Slightly below average of Sniper Scout Unit ability" argument, UNMC finally transferred him from Terran Marine Force Recon Unit into the newly formed 77th Special Tactical Group "Ranger Strike Team". Because of outstanding military career during Scion Campaign and the previous war, the scout of the Anaheim Electronics Defence System was interested to bring this unique talent of Natural/Oldtype Pilot that were on par with Newtype Pilots into their special technical development unit called The Black Wing Division.



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Sidhikoro with Gundam Achilles, art by Diko Sidhikoro himself