GN Composite Spatium E-Carbon

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Raw Spatium prior to binding process with the E-Carbon

Composite Matrix Alloy
Production Information
  • ELS
  • Celestial Being Engineers (partially)
  • VEDA
  • ELS
  • CB Engineers (partially)
First Deployment: 2365 AD - ???? LC
Power Source
Composite Material
  • Processed Spatrium
  • E-Carbon
  • Armor and Innerframe construction

GN Composite Spatium E-Carbon

GN Composite Spatium E-Carbon is a special type of ultra-strong and durable composite matrix alloy utilized by GNT-0000 Tri Qan[T]. It was developed by mixing raw Spatium alloy in liquid state with molten E-Carbon. The result of the settled down mixture provides an ideal medium for the Quantum-Munimento-Armor.

Its abbreviation is known as the GN C-Spec (GN Composite SPatium E-Carbon).

Description & Characteristics

GN Composite Spatium E-Carbon is hard, completely inert, shock absorbent, static proof, non-conductive, heat proof and impervious to Cosmic Rays, especially brain waves and electromagnetic waves ranging from various wavelengths and frequencies. All these properties granted the armors produced from the Spatium E-Carbon to be impermeable, yet extremely optimally ductile and resilient.

As the spatrium metal is easily synthesized, and that the E-Carbon is also comprehensively affordable, the extremely time consuming and expensive molecular binding process is what makes the Spatium E-Carbon extremely rare, expensive, and hard to be manufactured. Such methods and formulae for the production are only known by Celestial Beings. 

After the binding process, it becomes the Spatium E-Carbon after it thoroughly cooled down to room temperature. GN Composite Spatium E-Carbon is formed when the Quantum-Munimento Armor is activated.

Notes & Trivia

- E-Carbon is 20 times stronger than Carbon Nanotubes .

- Spatrium metal is the name of it in raw and unprocessed form. Spatium alloy is produced through Electron Relocation of Spatrium metal. It is as soft as Gold before being mixed together with E-Carbon

- Spatium shares the same name in anatomy, meaning "space", as it has necessary spaces for the strong Coulomb Barrier to fit in.

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