Stealth Unicorn

GX-0 Stealth Unicorn (in sniper mode, Mirage Glow deactivated)

GX-0 Stealth Unicorn
Model Number: GX-0
Namesake: Stealth Unicorn
First Deployment: ?????
Manufacturer: Anaheim Electronics Black Wing Division
Operator: Royal Zeon Empire
Known Pilot: Claude Ashram
Overall Height: 19.7 meters
Empty Weight: 23.7 metric tons
Maximum Weight: ?????
Powerplant: Minovsky - GN Particle Hybrid Heterosync Drive, power output 5000 kW (normal average)
  • Rocket thrusters
  • Condenser type apogees for fine movements
Maximum Acceleration: 160000 kg (normal average)
Sensor Range: 55000 meters
Accommodation: Pilot only cockpit on chest
Armor: E-carbon strengthened gundarium special alloy
OS: Deus Ex Machina System

GX-0 Stealth Unicorn is a mobile suit of the Royal Zeon Empire featured in the fan fiction MS GUNDAM: The Lost War chronicles. It is piloted by Claude Ashram.


  • 2 x beam saber mounted on forearms
  • 1 x Minovsky-GN particle complex enhanced physical blade mounted under the shield
  • 2 x beam vulcan, fire-linked, mounted on head
  • 2x beam vulcan gun mounted on shoulders
  • Optional equipments: beam magnum, sniper rifle/cannon(50km range), GN paricle coated shield

Equipment and Design Features:Edit

  • Minovsky-GN particle complex - a multiform energy complex
  • Stealth Cloak - the special armor plates stores and condenses the Minovsky-GN particle complex (MGPC) to a degree that it makes the MS visually invisible (the MS is already radar invisible whether the cloak is activated or not because it’s one of the property of the MGPC). The stealth cloak also deflects beam particles and lasts up to an hour. It needs at least 10 minutes before reactivation.
  • Mirage Glow - upon activation of this, the armor plate frame expand(as in NT-D form of the Rx-0 unicorn) enlarging the coverage of the stealth cloak(40 meter radius). Agility/speed stat is doubled in this form. It last up to 45 minutes, needs at least 30 minutes before reactivation, and atleast 20 minutes before activation of normal stealth cloak.
  • Deus Ex Machina system - combined zero system and full psychoframe. Greatly enhances MS control, battlefield assessments and tactical option feeds. Mental stress is less compared to the former Zero System.
  • Mega Sniper Mode



  • Stealth Unicorn maintains its Gundam face (even in normal mode). It will shift to Unicorn face once it goes into "Mega Sniper Mode".

Picture Gallery:Edit

RX-0 By Jonas

GX-0 Stealth Unicorn early design by Jonas Hamchawan


Stealth Unicorn Mod by enigmaofthepast

ACW-927SR 3

ACW-927SR custom for GX-0


Minovsky-GN enhanced physical blade


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