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Harvyn Hue

Genetic Type: ELS-Innovator Pure Breed Type
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Age: 22
Date of Birth: ???? AD (???? LC)
Place of Birth: Earth
Blood Type: O
Height: 180cm
Weight: 75 kg
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Celestial Being, ELS, EFSF
Allegiance:  Neutral
Mobile Suit:
  • GNT-0000 00 Qan[T]
  • GNT-0000i 00i Qan[T]
  • GNT-0000 Tri Qan[T]
Love Interest: Amia-like ELS-innovator hybrid human

HHH is one of the protagonists in the fan fiction MS Gundam: The Lost War Chronicles, and the pilot of GN-0000TFS Twin Full Saber 0 Qant, as well as its successors, GN-0000i 00i Qant, and GNT-0000 Tri Qan[T] .

Personality and Character:

HHH is often faced by conflicting conundrums, he hates war and fighting with a serious passion. Past tragedies and incidents have caused multiple repercussions that have serious impact on his way of thinking, and these may be the root to his inner conflict. The conflict occurs whenever he realize that fighting is the only way to stop further blemishment that war causes, but refuses to, not without a strong compelling sense of obligation to do so. He is constantly struck by epiphanies of the ways he think he can come to a mutual term of peace with his enemies.

After the ELS conflict, he has embraced ELS's concept of interaction. He prefers to preserve peace through understanding.

His acute stress response is often triggered due to his excited and induced body physiology' changes during the Tripple Drive System's activation. The state of heightened consciousness and response can only be handled by an ELS-innovator hybrid, whereas most newtypes / coordinators / super soliders in close proximity to the GN Particle dispersion range find it hard to control their enhanced physiology response. 

As an experienced and competent pilot, judgements made by him are often favorable. He is often trying to absolve the others mandatorily from their actions and sanctioning them using his authority as a liaison.

Skills and Abilities:

Extremely skilled in both melee and mid-long range combat due to the nature of an els-innovator hybrid. HHH can also be an adept strategist whenever needed to. 


HHH was scouted by Celestial Being agents and recruited by Veda to join Celestial Being's frontal operation team. He went through intense meister training at he age of 4 and fought through the UN conflict, A-Laws conflict, Innovators conflict and finally confronted the ELS during ELS conflict where he resolved the ELS conflict in the year 2314 AD (????LC) and became the liaison between Earth and the ELS Homeworld. He met an Amia-like ELS-innovator hybrid love interest on earth, and now she's working in the ELS world, helping the two worlds to establish a better connection. After restoring ELS's sun in their system, HHH and his love interest main role as liaison now is to regulate the visitors from Earth, whilst looking for other lifeform hoping to expand their connection.


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