LL-MA2mod.37 Moebius Adelphe, art by John Nigel

LL-MA2mod.37 Moebius Adelphe
Prototype Gundam-Assistance Mobile Armor
Model Number: LL-MA2mod.37
Namesake: Moebius Adelphe
First Deployment: August 25, LC 0020
Manufacturer: La Flaga Institute
Operator: La Flaga Institute; NEU
Known Pilots:
Overall Height: 5.22 meters
Empty Weight: 13,250 kg
Maximum Weight: 24,788 kg
Powerplant: P&W FF-3001A Stage II thermonuclear reactor (space max thrust 1920 kn)
  • 1 x Pratt and Whitney HMM-9b vernier thrusters, mounted on rear
  • 4 x Shinnakasu ARR-2 maneuvering apogee motors, mounted on proton cannon barrels
Space G-limits: +7 Gs
Sensor Range: Unknown
Accommodation: Pilot only, in standard cockpit
Armor: Gundarium cladding
OS: Macsoft Aleph 2.0.0

LL-MA2mod.37 Moebius Adelphe is a prototype Gundam assistance mobile armor in the fan fiction MS GUNDAM: THE LOST CENTURY Interquel story arc. It is piloted by Amber Leigh La Flaga .


  • “Frostmourne” Mauler ROV-25 25mm railgun, mounted below main body
  • 4 x proton cannon barrel mounted on main body, can be detached and controlled through wires connected to main body

Equipment and Design Features:Edit

  • G-Dampener
  • H.A.R.O. Field - short for hyper anti-beam repelling orb, it is a beam energy dispersal field generated intended for defense against beam energy-based weaponry; identical to the H-field originally installed on Astraeus Blaze .


The prototype Gundam assistance mobile armor LL-MA2mod.37 Moebius Adelphe was a personal project of Amber Leigh’s father, Jonathan La Flaga , the director of La Flaga Institute of Advanced Engineering. As a prototype, it performs highly satisfactorily on various levels. Aside from being highly maneuverable, the Moebius Adelphe is also heavily armed with gundarium cladding. It uses a "Frostmourne" railgun mounted below its main body, but its main weapon is the four wire-guided proton cannon barrels. These cannon barrels can be detached and spread out to attack an enemy from multiple points. The gunbarrels can be coordinated to surround enemy units and attack them from multiple directions simultaneously, but this complex system can be operated only by highly skilled pilots with exceptional powers of spatial awareness.

The Moebius Adelphe was hidden for many years when an information about its manufacture leaked to Royal Zeon Empire.

The Moebius Adelphe was first tested in by its inventor’s younger brother and ace pilot Tristan La Flaga. After hearing about the death of her relative’s husband, Amber searched for Zyann Nigel, who was being highly sought after both by Royal Zeon Empire and Earth Militaire.


  • The four cannon barrels were originally nicknamed by its test pilot, Tristan La Flaga. They were named Excalibur (top), Clarent (left), Carnwennan (right), and Rhongomiant (bottom), named after King Arthur's famous weapons.
    • Excalibur – King Arthur's magical warsword.
    • Clarent – King Arthur's sword of peace. Also sometimes known as the sword Mordred stole and later used to kill King Arthur. Sometimes called the Coward's Blade.
    • Carnwennan - King Arthur's dagger, sometimes described to shroud the user in shadow.
    • Rhongomiant - King Arthur's Spear
  • The cannon barrels are also programmed for a special signature attack named "Meteor Rain", where they will do a barrel roll together with the main body while simultaneously firing together with the "Frostmourne" at maximum output.
  • Raba Lue briefly piloted the Moebius after the encounter against Royal Zeon's Phobos and Deimos Squad.

Fan Fiction Art:Edit


LL-MA2mod.37 Moebius Adelphe