Lucien Asuka
Genetic Type: Coordinator-Innovade Hybrid Type
Hair Color: Purplish Black
Eye Color: Blue (normal), Crimson (SEED mode)
Date of Birth: 0022 LC
Place of Birth: Madrid, Spain
Blood Type: O
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Chaotic Good
Allegiance: Royal Zeon, Celestial Beings
Mobile Suit:
  • Celestial Destiny
Family: Sheila Lou Asuka (Sister)

Lucien Asuka is one of the protagonists in the fan fiction MS Gundam: The Lost War Chronicles, and the pilot of Manifest Destiny and Celestial Destiny.

Personality and Character:Edit

A few years prior to events of LWC, Lucien was said to be aggressive and brash, having the tendency to disobey orders in order to do what he believes is right (hence earning him the epithet "Berserking Ace"). However during the events of LWC, his character had soften up due to his emotional maturation and the outstanding mentorship of Phobos Bartram whom Lucien respects greatly. However, he questions Claude Ashram's leadership because of the latter's lack of regard for life, leading his defection to Celestial Beings to save Zeon from Claude's control. His animosity to Claude grows to hatred when Claude got Sheila involved in the war to the point of brainwashing her completely in making her believe him to be dead.

Skills and Abilities:Edit


Prior to the events of LWC, Lucien and Sheila lived peacefully with their parents in Madrid, Spain. Everything had changed when an unknown Gundam (later to be revealed as Librarian Work's) unprovokely attacked Asuka manor during Sheila's birthday party, killing many including their parents and crippling Sheila. This affected Lucien, making him full of hatred and angst (at least until Phobos enlightened him). He ended up serving the Royal Zeon military in hopes of finding the true culprit guilty of the deaths of his parents.

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