MSZ-000 NOU Zeta Gundam

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prototype transformable general purpose mobile suit
Model Number: MSZ-000
Namesake: NOU Zeta Gundam
First Deployment: ?????
Manufacturer: Anaheim Electronics Black Wing Division
Operator: NEU
Known Pilots: Nouveau Gardien
Overall Height: 20 meters
Empty Weight: ?????
Maximum Weight: 72.5 metric tons
Powerplant: Ultra compact Minovsky-Psycoframe enhanced fusion reactor
  • 7 x Hydraulic Thrusters on back
  • 3 x Vernier Thrusters
  • 33 x Apogee motors
Maximum Acceleration: 5.45~6.00 G; capable to reach unimaginable G-force at System Synchronization
Sensor Range: 45000 Meters
Accommodation: Pilot only in standard cockpit
Armor: Nu Gundarium Alloy
OS: Unknown

MSZ-000 NOU Zeta Gundam is a mobile suit in the fan fiction MS Gundam: The Lost War Chronicles. It is piloted by Nouveau Gardien.


  • 2 x Ultimate beam rifle - can be combined together to create a powerful beam, capable to destroy a colony
  • 5 x Feather funnel - 2 at each binder, 1 in between of the binders
  • Beam machine gun - on both armwrist; as powerful as normal beam rifle
  • 2 x Beam Saber - stored on both arms
  • Head Vulcan

Equipment and Design Features:Edit

  • Minovsky drive - can produce a high density of minovsky particles in order to use hyper wing of light
  • I-field Shield
  • Beam shield - on both arms
  • Full-PsycoFrame Body and cockpit System
  • NT-D System - it lets the NOU Zeta enter the "DESTROY" mode, boosting up all of its abilities, firepower speed, and reaction time. The frame of the suit opens, and shows a purple glow inside, in this mode, the minovsky particles are very dense in the binders and enable the use of "hyper wing of light (Psyco-wing)" that can last for 3 minutes.
  • Minovsky Craft Flight system - the chest plate goes up like in RX-105 Xi Gundam, where the minovsky particles align themselves to create an invisible craft system ,and grants the user MS "Almost Gravity Resistance" makes the MS float in gravity active locations, and enabling supersonic flight in gravity domains; it also functions as protectant for atmospheric re-entry.



  • The NOU Zeta is also equipped with Forbidden System: Armageddon. When the ability of biosensor and Minovsky drive are fused, it can create a high density of particle that can take form of multiple NOU Zeta.

Modified GunPla Images:Edit

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