Chapter One : The Eye of an Eagle

(Ramin Djawadi theme "Iron Man" is playing softly)

The sun is shinning hot. In the tropical equatorial region like Indonesia, it's just another dry hot summer day as usual. The dry wind of tropical basin blowing through the dust of Interprovince Highway leaving some trail of smoke on the hot asphalt. It's not like the road is empty, but since the ban of heavy class cargo trucks operating during daytime (They were allowed to operate in night time to reduce crowded traffic), only a few of special licensed cargo trucks that roam into the hot daylight like this day. And since Trans Global Java II Hypertrain were launched 90 years ago, people prefer TGJ II in order to travel faster, rather than to drive cars.

A big Renault Mack 18 wheeler is one of those special licensed Cargo Transporter. The Driver knew, this is gonna be a long drive. He just drove off from Madiun AFB 2 hours ago. His destination, Tanjung Perak UN Tranz Global Harbour, is still a long way to go.

"Fuck! This hot climate.. Why do I choose this region rather than New Zealand's Base..." the Truck Driver looking for his 1litre mineral pack. He grabbed it. And drank a quarter of its content. "That's a relieve.. Got to save it." He spoke to himself. Suddenly in his driver mirror..
"What the..." a glance of black shadow is coming in fast from behind. And it's getting closer.. Fast!

The V8 Supercharged engine roaming, blasting the truck into dust. Overtaking the truck with blindingly fast!

It's a black with two matte black stripes Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake. A rare auto item in this region. To drive such a machine is like stress relieving activities for its driver.

Shelby GT500 Super Snake
The man in black shades behind the wheel looking to his semi classic digital Speedometer. 273 Km/H! Damn.. He never realizes it's already this fast! And he even barely floored the throttle!
"Finally.. I gotta have a chance to take this baby into the road. Hell yeah!"

And the Super Snake keeps roaming through the long hot dusty highway. Dusting off one or two vehicle that also 'adventuring' on those hot asphalt.

Diko Sidhikoro is the man behind Super Snake's wheel. He only want to have some fun in his day off. In usual busy days, he would not got a chance to drive his beautifully crafted Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake. And this is the day that he's looking for. Just roaming on Interprovince Highway hot asphalt. But later on he will realize that this beautiful hot day is not going to last long...

"Incoming military unit at six o'clock. Distance, 25 Kilometers & coming fast." the Navigational Computer of his Super Snake suddenly spoke.

(Ramin Djawadi theme "Iron Man" is playing louder, continued with "Mark II")

"Oh fuck.. Hell no! Not this day! This is my week off..." he responded and adding the throttle. The supercharged engine responded with loud roar.

The Super Snake blasting faster than before!

Two object are closing fast.. The two object is buzzing fast above the Super Snake. It's UNMC Camo Zaku Blaze Gunner!


"Eat this!" Diko floored the throttle. The Super Snake responded with more power. Its V8 Supercharged Steel 'heart' pumping raw explosive power into the whole body. It's Kenne Bell Supercharged V8 vs Anaheim EADS Energy Battery now.

(Steve Jablonsky's "You're a Soldier Now" is playing)

The three machines maneuvering in long Trans Java Interprovince highway. Two Zakus against Ford Shelby Super Snake!

The Gunner Zaku preparing its Vulcan .50 Cal Rifle. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!

One of them firing a warning salvos into Super Snake starboard side.

"If one of you ever scratch my Super Snake.." Diko grins. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! The Super Snake is beautifully maneuvered between those shots. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! CLAAAANGGGG!!! One of the bullet scratch the matte black stripes of the front hood!
"Now you've done it! KATE, DEPLOY ERA SHIELD INTO ENTIRE BODY AND TAKE OVER THE WHEEL!" Diko responded angrily. He grabbed his Barret M121A2 Anti Materiel Sniper Rifle.
"Affirmative, Diko. Deploying ERA Shield." Super Snake Computer replied.
"SUNROOF OPEN!" Diko ordered and the car's sunroof opens. "I'll make you flat!"

He looking through his sniper scope. "Target range 732 Meter, speed 311 Km/H, windspeed 29 Knot..." He whispered. BLAMMMMM!!!
"Second shot..." BLAAMMMMMM!!!

One of the Gunner Zaku were downed! The first shot hit the Zaku's head, eliminating his sight. The second shot is more vital, directly hits Zaku's Battery module. The power will drained quickly! 

"PLEASE, SERGEANT! WE ONLY FOLLOWING ORDERS! THE HIGH COMMAND NEEDS YOU RIGHT NOW! THERE'S EMERGENCY DEPLOYMENT INVOLVING DISPUTES IN NEPAL!" the remnant of the Gunner Zaku is signalling no hostile intention. The Super Snake is still roaming on the highway. Diko still aiming through his sniper scopes, just one pull of the trigger and this Zaku will also go down. The Zaku & Super Snake is advancing side by side...

And Diko put down his Sniper rifle, sitting back into the bucket seat.
"Diko, you have control." the Super Snake responded when Diko touch the steering wheel. And he hit the brake pedal. The Super Snake wildly spinning into two turns.. And stopped!
"Damn! My week off!" He shouted.

(Steve Jablonsky's "You're a Soldier Now" is playing louder)

(Ramin Djawadi's "Iron man" playing, continued with "Mark II")

Three V226 Osprey III is flying into the darkness canyon of Eastern Ghats, India. Their Terrain Following Radar is working on its optimum performance. Their destination is Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh province. The city of the most northern part of India. Closest city to Nepalian border. UNMC Forward Base before the Everest Mountains.

April 20th, 2156.
It's been five years since Asian Dawn Faction occupied northern region of Southeast Asia. Some part of Thailand, all of Laos, Myanmar & Bangladesh has already fallen into their hands. They have strong integrated Aegis Defense System to shield the entire region. UNMC Intelligence Command reported that they've found some new technology that can jammed any kind of Radar or Radio waves. However, this had not been clarified yet. They also have strong and many squadron of advanced Mobile Suits deployed into the entire region.

And they also have strong naval forces deployed far to the Andaman & Nicobar islands stretch to the Bay of Bengal, totally blocked the Indian sea from any United Nations Naval Forces to reach into the region. And also full coverage of air superiority of their MSF-004KF Super Raptor II, new advanced transformable Mobile Suits. The mass produced variants from MSF-004G Strike Raptor.

Master Sergeant Diko Sidhikoro looking to his Omega Chronograph. 1946 hrs asian local time. His glowing red NVG (Diko's team of UNMC Terran Marine Force Recon Bravo Team is wearing an advanced tactical suit like in Final Fantasy Spirit Within Exo Suit) creating some dime lights in those darkness. Well.. At least beside the light of the Osprey III Avionics.

"Three o'clock on your right." Sergeant 1st Class Randolph Hicks signalling the entire team.
"Two Super Raptors."
"They can't do shit about us. And we cannot do shit against them." Corporal Kanegawa looking through his assault rifle scope. The Super Raptors flying away from their current direction.
"Stay cool, Boys. You'll get your chance." the pilot replied. The Ospreys continued to advance into the darkness of Eastern Ghats. Soon they will fly pass the Mahanadi River and reach the Hirakud Dam. From there, they fly north into Ganges River, the famous river in India. From there UNMC Base in Lucknow is not that far.

UNMC Special Operation Command Central (SOCCENT) Forward Base, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.
UNMC SOCCENT Base in Lucknow is a Base for UNMC Terran Marine Expeditionary Force deployed for ongoing disputes in Nepal. There's approximately 320.000 troops stationed in that place. Most of them are UNMC Terran Marine Force & Army. And also some special unit like UNMC Terran Marine Force Recon, SEAL Team Group Six & UNMC Special Tactical Suadron.

The Base were heavily defended with Aegis Integrated Defense System & massive force of Mobile Suits squadron.

Three V226 Osprey III finally landed on the tarmac. They transported newly arrived UNMC Terran Marine Force Recon Unit & new batch of SEAL Team Group Six from UN SOCOM Central Base in East Java, Indonesia. From the look of it, the situation is getting critical.

"Oh shit.. Look at those, dude. It's Sergeant Major Henry Jones with his SEAL Team 'Cerberus'! They're legend, man!" Sergeant Unava Zaklos shouted.
"I'll be damned.. That Black & Red MS.. The Black Baron & Red Baron are here too!" Corporal Kanegawa pointing to the black & red MS on the tarmac. The Black MS is new customized Zaku Warrior, and the red one is little bit more like Asian Dawn SUper Raptors.
"This is getting serious..." Diko whispered.

"SEAL TEAM! MARINE RECON! FALL IN!" someone looks like a young man with glasses shouting. Although he looks young, he's a Captain.
"Men, i'm Captain Awabe. The situation in Nepalian border are getting worse. The General will conduct a Joint Task Force Briefing in 0600 hrs! That's 3 hours from now. Get yourself some chow & rest, geared up in 3 hours ready for briefing!"
"SIR!!" Everyone saluting.

(Ramin Djawadi's "Mark II" playing louder)

(Steve Jablonsky's "The Allspark" playing)

3 hours later. April 21st, 2156. 0600hrs local time. UNMC SOCCENT Base.

Everyone gathered in huge hall briefing room. This is the first time Diko's unit, Bravo Team, attending this large scale Joint Task Force military operation. And knowing the disputes in the Himalayan mountains, it's not going to be easy military operation. And they also seen the legendary soldiers for the first time. The guy in Black pilot suit with long hair & beard must be The Black Baron, Major Patrick De La Renza. And the blonde guy with Red pilot suit must be Lt. Derrick Aznable, the Red Baron. And the one with dark red bandana seems familiar..

"Holy shit.. The Blazing Dynamo himself are here! This is Epic..." Diko whispered.

"GENERAL ON DECK!" Terran Marine shouting.

"Gentlemen, we face a new challenging threat ahead of us. 72 hours ago, a large concentration of Asian Dawn military force had been deployed in the northern most of Bangladesh, alongside Bhutan & Nepalian borders. We detected high military activity in that region."
"Although they have not advance into Nepalian or Bhutan territories yet, military forces concentration this big are threatening. We suspected they will try to acquire UN New Advanced Mass Driver in Lhasa. Their goal to seize Mass Driver will gave their force Space Exploration capability. That will not happen in my time!" The General sharp eyes looking into the soldiers.
"Because Chinese territories were heavily guarded & harsh terrain, they will not try to strike through China. They will try to bust their way in through Nepal or Bhutan. Another scenario might be, if they were succeded to raid our Mass Driver, they will try to take over Nepal & Bhutan for their buffer zone or shield against our attacks. That is why, gentlemen, WE WILL STRIKE FIRST AND WE WILL STRIKE HARD!"

"At 0900 hrs today, we will sortie large scale military operation toward Bhutan & Nepal. The name of this campaign, OPERATION PEAK OF THE WORLD!"

(Steve Jablonsky's "The Allspark" playing louder)

The end of Chapter One : The Eye of an Eagle

NEXT, Chapter Two : Operation Peak of The World

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