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MTG-01P Rauwolf, a modified GunPla by John Nigel

MTG-01P Rauwolf
Variable Threat Response Mobile Suit
Model Number: MTG-01P (Stands for Modified Tallgeese)
Namesake: Rauwolf
First Deployment: LC 0044
Manufacturer: BASURA, Inc.
Operator: Oracle
Known Pilots: Drake Howling
Overall Height: 21.6
Empty Weight: 31.1 metric tons
Maximum Weight: 62. metric tons
Powerplant: 3U-type compact Minovsky fusion reactor, power output rating unknown
  • 2 x Minovsky Drive thrusters at 150,000 kg. max;
  • 1 x Thermonuclear rocket thruster at 180,000 kg. max;
  • 4 x Minovsky Drive hover thrusters, underneath the thigh and rear skirt armors;
  • 14 x vector thrusters/apogee motors
Maximum Acceleration: Undetermined
Sensor Range: Undetermined
Accomodation: Pilot in 360o monitor and linear seat
Armor: Original Luna Titanium; torso refitted with additional Gundarium ϒ alloy cladding; manipulators added with ceramic composites
OS: Not applicable

MTG-01P Rauwolf is a mobile suit featured in the fan fiction MS GUNDAM: THE LOST CENTURY INTERQUEL. It is piloted by Drake Howling.

Weapons and Armaments:Edit

  • 1 x “Agni Drux Cinque” particle ultra launcher, mounted behind the right shoulder armor assembly; dual-aiming mode, over the right shoulder or on the side; directly copied from Morgenroate’s weapons design.
  • 1 x “Mycroft” Tiberian multi-mode rifle, configured for dual use; beam-based, output rating unknown; solid projectiles [double action, “birdlime”, armor-piercing Gundarium ϒ alloy bullets]; can also be armed with several pulsed energy projectiles – emits a laser pulse which, upon contact with the target, ablates the surface and creates a considerable amount of exploding plasma. This produces a pressure wave that stuns and knocks back the target.
  • 1 x “Watson” Tiberian beam-submachine gun, mounted on the left calf, 300 pulses per minute
  • 2 x “Bullpup” Gatling cannons mounted on upper torso
  • 2 x Type 72 plasma sabers, mounted on storage/recharge racks on right shoulder armor assembly
  • 1 x “Iron Curtain” Tiberian assault shield, stored on a recharge rack behind the left shoulder armor assembly; armor materials, original Luna Titanium layered with anti-beam coating; equipped with retractable claws composed with E-carbon composites, said to be 20 times stronger than carbon nano-tubes; top end equipped with plasma lance, bottom end equipped with beam broadsword.

Equipment and Design Features:Edit

  • Brainwave interceptor/radar, situated on the head unit; enables the pilot to detect Newtype presence and brainwave-based remote weaponry
  • Tiberian Spammer Tag, also known as “megalomaniac mode”; an efficient target-tagging system that automatically configures the simultaneous use of the “Agni”, “Mycroft”, “Watson”, and “Bullpup”.
  • Tiberian particle disruptor module, mounted on the left shoulder armor assembly; releases gas particles that create an “anti-field” that repels normal beam attacks; significantly reduces effectiveness of ultra high output beam attacks
  • 3xTS Manic Overdrive – the compulsory “three-times-the-speed” system; standard equipment for latest mobile suits
  • Arm Raker control system – the cockpit’s linear seat is equipped with 4 spherical controllers integrated with 95% of Rauwolf’s overall control parameters. When the pilot grasps the controllers, he can use his fingers to operate the individual control switches while moving the spheres on their oscillating mounts to maneuver the mobile suit. This kind of control system greatly helps the pilot to maintain mental and visual focus on the battle with very minimal distraction.
  • Inflatable decoy dispenser – contains 8 dummies that resembles Rauwolf
  • Biosensor Lock
  • G-Dampener



  • The idea came from the salvaging of the destroyed Tallgeese Gunpla and other parts.

Modified Gunpla Images:Edit

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IMG 6612

Other photos are available on this link. Click HERE.

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