Unit Type
Mobile suit use high defense space fortress
Model number ?????
Namesake NEU_2
Developed from ?????
First deployment ????? LC 42
Destroyed ?????
Manufacturer NEU
Operator NEU
Known captains
  • Erasmus Nolan
Known crew
General Characteristics
Overall length 1,000 meters
  • Bridge
  • MS Hanger x 10
  • MS Catapult x 14
  • MS Production Plant
  • Spaceship Repair Hanger x 1
  • Metropolis
  • Observation Rooms
  • Recreational Areas
  • 4 x Hyperion Ultra Mega Particle Wide Bore Particle Laser Cannon II
  • 1 x Planet DESTROYER Particle Cannon
  • 10 x Anti Matter Annhilation Missiles
  • 30 x HI Nuclear Missiles
  • ??? 'C-10' Missiles
  • ??? All Purpose Missile Launcher
  • ??? Hi Output Beam CIWS
Optional Equipment
System Features
  • Mirage Colloid System
  • R-Field
Mobile Weapons

NEU_2 is a space fortress created by the NEU.


Deemed the most powerfull Space Vessel ever to be created by those who know of it's existence, NEU_2's construction was finally complete in LC 42, after almost twenty years. It was sent into Jupiter to harness the Gas Giant's awesome power, where it hides untill ordered to show itself again in LC 43. It is protected by its virtually indestructible R-Field, and its sustained flight in Jupiter is due to its massive GN-Drive IV and Anti Matter Engine, plus several other Minovsky Reactors. It is stationed in the 'eye' of Jupiter's largest Storm.