Nouveau Gardien

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Nouveau Gardien, art by Keith Kwan Chan Kit


Genetic Type:


Hair Color:


Eye Color:



18 years old

Date of Birth:

April 07, LC 0026

Place of Birth:

Southeast Asia, Earth

Blood Type:



165 cm.


50 kg.







NEU; Zyann Nigel

Mobile Suit:

MSZ-000 NOU Zeta Gundam

Nouveau Gardien is a character from the fan fiction MS Gundam: The Lost War Chronicles. He pilots the MSZ-000 NOU Zeta Gundam.

Personality and Character:Edit

He doesn’t like to talk much, and fights only when needed; very kind to friends but cold to strangers; never kills an enemy unless for self defence and personal reason; tends to prioritize his own opinion over mission objective

Skills and Abilities:Edit

When piloting a MS, he observes the enemy’s movement before striking; when there is an opportunity, he will try to shoot down all of the enemies as fast as he can. But, after fighting for a prolonged period, he tends to become anxious, reckless and unfocused, so often he would use melee attacks. He would only use the funnel when fighting a lot of enemies.


His name Nouveau Gardien, means New Guardian in French. Born in the Southeast Asia on earth, he loves to read about history of the earth and space, often following his uncle to visit the space colonies. He hates war very much, so he never sided with the Earth Militaire nor Royal Zeon’s side. Upon meeting Zyann Nigel and sharing her ideals of stopping the ceaseless war, he joined her and eventually NEU. In LC 40, during his visit to a space colony, a battle took place. In the process he saw many people die in the battle. After witnessing the horrors of war and upon managing to escape from the colony, he swore to somehow end this war . He managed to build the NOU Zeta with the help of some ‘underground’ friends.

Fan Art:Edit

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Nouveau Gardien, with a Gundam mask

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