Quasar System

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Activation of Quasar system with Tri Qan[T] at the center

Advanced GN Drive Power System
Production Information
  • Celestial Being
  • ELS
  • VEDA
  • ELS
  • CB Engineers (partially)
First Deployment: 2365 AD - ???? LC
Power Source
System Requirement
  • Twin Drive Sytem
  • Partial Coercive Mind Control
telepathic communication

Quasar System

The Quasar System is a system utilized by GNT-0000 Tri Qan[T] in LWC.

Description & Characteristics

The system is a vast improvement over the original Quantum System. It is only usable in conjunction with the Twin Drive System. Similar to Quantum Burst mode, the system is meant to expand the conscious thoughts and feelings of an Innovator, but this new system's main function is for coercive mind control.

Unlike 00 Qan[T], the GN Drives behind the shield and in the torso section of the Tri Qan[T] doesnt need to be physically connected for direct dual particle generation. Upon activation, the GN Condensers from all over the MS body protrude for optimal GN particle dispersion.

12 of Tri Qan[T]' GN Sword Bits then create a circular formation underneath the suit to channel the GN Particles. Decreased in the number of GN Sword Bits in aid would result in less efficient GN Particle dispersion. The overall quantum effect discharges GN Particles in a special state acting as signal medium to form various patterns of constructive interference wavelengths with the brain of targeted subjects.

It is known that the pilot of Tri Qan[T] rarely use this system on living beings as the system has the potential to cause permanent insanity or death. Further specifications and requirements of this system is not entirely clear at this point.

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