RGM-105S Jugho Space Type (picture will be updated soon)
High Mobility Full Assault Mass Production Space Mobile Suit
Model Number: RGM-105S
Namesake: Jugho
Developed from: RGM-105G Jugho
First Deployment: LC ???
Manufacturer: Earth Federation
Operator: Earth Federation
Known Pilots:
Overall Height: 21.5 meters
Empty Weight: 23.6 metric tons
Max Weight: 37.3 metric tons
PowerPlant: Minovsky Ultra-Compact Fusion Reactor
Power Output: 3500 kW
  • Fixed Rocket Thrusters: 3 x 64000 kg
  • 6 x 16500 kg
  • Additional Rocket Thrusters with "Stürm Booster": 2 x 50000 kg
  • Vernier Thrusters/Apogee Motors: 28
Max Acceleration:

Standard: 3.0 G

With Sturm Booster: 4.0 G

Sensor Range: 25000 meters
Accomodation: Pilot in panoramic monitor/linear seat cockpit in chest
Armor: Gundarium Alloy

RGM-105S Jugho Space Type is a high mobility space-use full assault mobile suit which appears in the fanfic Mobile Suit Gundam: The Lost Century fanfic. It is one of Earth Federation's latest unit in its mass production line of mobile suits.

Weapons and Armaments:Edit

  • Grenade Launcher
The Jugho mounts a two-barrelled grenade launcher on the waist for long ranged combat.
  • Beam Cannon
Beam with with higher output compared to standard ones. Two are mounted on the shield. Its power output were greatly increased so that it could be more effective against sturdier adversaries.
  • Arm Vulcan
A rapid fire beam type weaponry that was equipped to compensate with the mobile suit's slower long range weapons.
  • Beam Carbine
The Beam Carbine is a more advanced armament than the standard beam rifle. Of course both are charged by an energy capacitor (and the same model of), but the Carbine is a much longer weapon. It is given a stock, a different pistol grip, a vertical foregrip, a suppressor, an EOtech-like sight, folding front and back post iron sights, and picatinny-like railings at 3 and 9'o'clock.
  • Assault Shield (Space Type Version)
An improved version of the original assault shield. It features additional, more powerful thrusters for remote mode and SFS mode. Vulcans (similar with the Arm Vulcans) were also been attached to provide more fire power. Its built-in cannons' power output were also been increased enough to take down cruiser-type class ships with few hits. On the contrary, the cannons' rate of fire was reduced greately.
  • Beam Great Sword

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