AMX-009ST Dreissen Threat Custom, art by John Nigel

RZ-009ST Dreissen Threat Custom
Commander Type General Purpose Mobile Suit
Model Number: RZ-009ST
Namesake: Dreissen Threat Custom
First Deployment: LC 39
Manufacturer: Royal Zeon Empire Iberia Base
Operator: Royal Zeon Empire
Known Pilot: Richard Diaz
Overall Height: 22 meters
Empty Weight: 66.8 metric tons
Maximum Weight: 91.06 metric tons
Powerplant: Ultracompact fusion reactor, output rated at 2380 kW
  • 9 x rocket thrusters
  • 16 x vernier thrusters/apogee motors:
Maximum Acceleration: Unknown
Sensor Range: 13100 meters
Accommodation: Pilot only, in standard 360° monitor
Armor: Gundarium alloy
OS: Not applicable

RZ-009ST Dreissen Threat Custom is a mobile suit featured in the fan fiction MS GUNDAM: The Lost War Chronicles. It is a custom unit designated to Richard Diaz of the Phobos and Deimos Squadron.

Weapons and Armaments:Edit

  • Particle launcher - mounted on back, handcarried in use
  • 2 x 3-barrel beam cannons - mounted on its forearms
  • Beam tomahawk - powered by an energy capacitor

Equipment and Design Features:Edit

  • Launcher variable configuration system - enables the pilot to set the main weapon to scatter or concentrated beam shot.
  • Sensors


As Royal Zeon launched its assault on Earth during the War several new mobile suits were designed for this campaign with the intent for commander-type use. One of the more popular models was the RZ-009ST Dreissen Threat Custom. Although armed with a 3-barrel beam cannons in each forearm, the Dreissen was also well-suited to melee combat, as it could carry a large beam tomahawk. The Dreissen also carried a variable configuration particle launcher for its main weapon. Although initially produced in few numbers for combat on Earth, the Dreissen's excellent performance and adaptability proved it to be a popular and versatile mobile suit.