RZ-014 Arondight
Mass Production General Purpose Mobile Suit
Model Number: RZ-014
Namesake: Arondight
Developed From:

RZ-02A Axiom

RZ-013 Keradjur

Manufacturer: Royal Zeon Empire
Operator: Royal Zeon Empire
Known Pilots:
Overall Height: 18.8 meters
Empty Weight: 35.2 metric tons
Max Weight: 57.6 metric tons
Power Plant: Ultra Compact High-Efficiency Fusion Reactor
Power Output: 3200 kW
Max Acceleration: 3.0 G
Sensor Range: 28000 meters
Accomodation: Pilot in panoramic monitor/linear seat cockpit in chest
Armor: Gundarium Alloy/Super ceramic Composite

RZ-014 Arondight is a series of mass production mobile suits by the Royal Zeon Empire in the Season 2 of the fanfic, Mobile Suit Gundam: The Lost War Chronicles.


  • 2 x 75mm multi-barrel CIWS
  • 1 x Beam Long Rifle - an upgraded beam rifle powered by a rechargeable energy cap. It features better stability, power and most notable precision compared to earlier models.
  • 2 x Beam Sabers - standard beam sabers stored in the Mobile Suit's forearms.
  • 1 x Shield - a shield with anti beam coating. The lower end is edged to serve as a physical weapon against units with I-Field.
  • Anti-Beam Grenade - These canisters can release gas-like particles that render beam attacks useless.

Special Equipment and FeaturesEdit

  • Pilot Support System

Optional EquipmentEdit

  • Speciality Packs

Developmental BackgroundEdit

The Arondight is the newest mass production unit of the Royal Zeon Empire. Its design is based on the Black Wing's high performance mobile suit technology. Unlike the Militaire's newest mass production mobile suits which focuses on raw firepower, Arondight's design focuses in agility and precision. Its head unit consists of four main sensors opposed to the standard Royal Zeon mono-eyes, Earth Militaire's compound eyess, and Gundam-grade unit's two main sensors. Due to this, the unit offers great accuracy and reconnaissance capability. A new frame which was based on Axiom's and Keradjur's frames, was also incorporated to the unit's design thus giving it superior agility and fluid movement. The unit was also installed by Pilot Support System to aid pilots with lacking experience. Its development was started just before the first Heaven's Fist bombardment incident that is why its production was halted to gave way for battle preparations during the attack on Heaven's Fist. Its production was resumed months after the end of the war.


  • Arondight is the name of Sir Lancelot of the Lake's legendary sword.
  • Only 5 Arondight units were produced before the production halt. Although compared to the post-halt units, these units performs better.

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