RZ-02RE Axiom Repair

Super Soldier Use High-Speed Assault and Close Quarters Combat Mobile Suit

Model Number: RZ-02RE
Namesake: Axiom
Developed from: RZ-02A Axiom



  • Royal Zeon Iberia Base
Operator: Royal Zeon Empire
Known Pilots: Richard Testarossa
Overall Height: 21.5 meters
Empty Weight: 20.2 metric tons
Max Weight: 28.5 metric tons
Power Plant: Ultra Compact High-Efficiency Palladium Reactor
Power Output: 4000 kW (Havoc Drive Stand-by Mode)
Propulsion: 4 x High-Power Plasma Thrusters

12 x High-Power Plasma Thrusters (small)

Vernier Thrusters/Apogee Motors: 22

Max Acceleration:

Maximum Thruster Acceleration (Havoc Drive Stand-by Mode): 4.2G

Maximum Thruster Acceleration (Havoc Drive Burst Mode): Unknown

With Supplementary Booster (Forward Acceleration): 8.67G

With Supplementary Booster (Sideward Acceleration): 5.1G

Sensor Range: 28000 meters
Accomodation: Pilot in panoramic monitor/linear seat cockpit in chest
Armor: Gundarium Alloy/Super ceramic Composite

RZ-02RE Axiom Repair is the repaired and refined version of RZ-02A Axiom which appears in the fanfic Mobile Suit Gundam: The Lost War Chronicles; the unit is piloted by Special Operative, Richard Testarossa


  • 2 x 75mm multi-barrel CIWS
  • 2 x EQS1358 “Panzer Eisen Kai” Rocket Stinger - modified Panzer Eisaen Stinger. The anchor can now be detached from the cable.
  • “Trikeros M” Offense/Defense Multi-purpose Shield
  • 1 x “Angelic Cleaver” CVD Sword
  • 1 x Beam Saber - standard beam saber attached to the “Trikeros M” shield.
  • 1 x “Chibaku” Multi-Modal Energy Rifle - an upgraded version of Shinra Repulsive Rifle. It now features three modes.
    • Beam Rifle Mode - acts like a typical beam rifle.
    • Burst Fire Mode - acts like a beam sub machine gun. Sacrifices fire power over rate of fire.
    • Repulse Mode
  • Anti-Beam Grenade - These canisters can release gas-like particles that render beam attacks useless.

Special Equipment and FeaturesEdit

  • Havoc Drive
  • Multi-Thruster System
  • G-Dampener
  • Remote Weapon Disruptor

Optional EquipmentEdit

  • Supplementary Booster

Developmental BackgroundEdit

RZ-02RE Axiom Repair is the repaired and enhanced version of RZ-02A Axiom . After sustaining heavy damage from the battle against the golden mobile suit, Gundam Achilles , General Trueno ordered the Research and Development division at Iberia Base to repair and further improve the Axiom.

Due to the foreseen battle in space, The RND division opted to make Axiom an excellent high speed assault unit. Due to this, it is equipped with state of the art space flight systems, configuring the unit’s thruster and apogee motors for space confrontations.

Internal and fire-control systems are also been updated to support different types of range weaponries. Like what General Trueno requested, the old “Shinra” repulsor rifle was replaced by the more advance “Chibaku” multi-modal rifle. The new rifle posses long range, rapid-fire and mode switching capabilities that its predecessor is deficient in. The Havoc Drive was made to become more efficient as well.

The Axiom Repair can be equipped with an optional supplementary booster. This optional booster equipment mounts on the Axiom Repair’s backpack and fitted with high performance thrusters for propulsion purposes, giving the unit high speed and mobility in space. The boosters consume propellant and therefore can be jettisoned at any time to avoid becoming a dead weight once empty.

Picture GalleryEdit

CVD sword 2

Angelic Cleaver during Havoc Drive Activation

Axiom ver 2

RZ-02A Axiom


Axiom Repair (lineart)

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