Manifest Destiny

GS-X042s Manifest Destiny, drawn by Jan Angelo Cacho

RZ-X042 Manifest Destiny
Model Number: RZ-X042
Namesake: Manifest Destiny
First Deployment:
Manufacturer: Morgenroate, Inc.
Operator: Royal Zeon Empire
Known Pilots: Lucien Asuka
Overall Height: 18.08 meters
Empty Weight: 64.33 metric tons
Maximum Weight: 79.44 metric tons


Ultra-compact GN-Hypertrition reactor
Propulsion: GN Verniers, Voiture Lumiere 3.5 (Eternal Wings of Light)
Maximum Acceleration: Normal mode (about twice faster than GN Drive MS not in trans-am), Trans-burst mode (About twice faster than GN Driven MS in trans-am)
Sensor Range: 20 km. spherical radius
Accomodation: Pilot only
Armor: GN Variable Phase-Rift bioarmor
OS: Galactic Unrestricted Neutron Drive Anti-assault Module

RZ-X042 Manifest Destiny is a mobile suit featured in the fan fiction MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM: Lost Century Interquel. It is piloted by Lucien Asuka.

Weapons and Armaments:Edit

  • 2 x"Claimh Solais" 13.3 meter GN Anti-Ship Sword
mounted on back.
  • "Callidus II" Multiphase GN Ion Cannon
mounted on chest.
  • 2 x "Varanus" GN Beam Saber
mounted on hips.
  • 2 x "Reaper Edge" Beam Boomerang.
  • 2 x "Picus" 72 mm. CIWS
mounted on head.
  • 20 x "Prism Drones" Beam Manipulating Bits
mounted on wings.
  • 2 x "Asia" 80 mm. Palm Bannons
  • 2 x GN Beam Shields
mounted on forearms

Equipment and Design Features:Edit

  • Omni-Jammer Canceller
  • Trans-Burst System
  • G-Dampener
  • Bit Control System



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