Testarossa Portrait

"Zeon's Silver Fang"
Genetic Type Human/Super Soldier
Hair Color White
Eye Color Gray
Age 23
Date of Birth July 25, LC 21
Blood Type B
Height 178 cm


60 kg
Gender Male
Afilliation Royal Zeon Empire
Allegiances Royal Zeon Empire
Rank Operative
Mobile Suit RZ-02A Axiom

Richard Testarossa is one of the characters of the fanfic Mobile Suit Gundam: Lost War Chronicles. Revealed as an genetically enhanced human. His current position in the Royal Zeon ranks is unknown. He pilots the mobile suit, RZ-02A Axiom

Apearance and PersonalityEdit

A tall middle age man which can be easily noticed due to his silverish-white hair.

A devoted, ambitious man who tends to remain calm in many situations. Though he is known being strict on his subordinates, he tends to be somewhat of a ladies’ man being friendly to females in the Royal Zeon ranks. Despite of this, he is willing to do anything (even at the cost of all) to accomplish the goals of the Royal Zeon Empire.


As a genetically modified human, Richard Testarossa possesses intellectual capabilities and reflex beyond ordinary. He is an expert strategist and tactician on and off the field. In addition, he is an adept in various hand to hand combat and sword techniques. He is also an excellent mobile suit pilot, capable of identifying enemies’ strengths and weaknesses very quickly. Close quarters combat is his forte.


Super Soldiers in the Lost Century Universe are not connected nor related to Super Soldiers of Anno Domini Universe/Gundam 00.

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