Trans-Am Multiplex System


An illustration without the 2 shields of the MS being saturated with excess GN Particles, creating a partial camouflage effect during Trans-Am Multiplex.

Next Generation Trans-Am System
Production Information
  • ELS
  • Celestial Being Engineers (partially)
  • VEDA
  • ELS
  • CB Engineers (partially)
First Deployment: 2365 AD - ???? LC
Power Source
Form of Discharge

Trans-Am Multiplex

Trans-Am Multiplex is a special system feature used by GNT-0000 Tri Qan[T]. It can only be activated via the prior activation of the Triple Drive System. This system then serves as the preliminary system for Quantum-Munimento Armor's activation.

Descriptions & Characteristics

Trans-Am Multiplex allows the Gundam to safely execute another Trans-Am within a Trans-Am.

Since a normal Trans-Am activated with the Twin Drive System has reached more than 7 thresholds of overall performance, the Trans-Am Multiplex of the Triple Drive System has a theoretical 49 times of performance multiplication. But so far, 21 thresholds is the maximum in record. Similar to the Triple Drive System, this system's maximum duration is only 6 minutes 14 seconds. But with Complexio Arx System as the Triple Drive System's sub-application, the duration of the Triple Drive System's operational time to only 6 minutes and 13 seconds, rendering Trans-Am Multiplex's time limit to 6 minutes and 13 seconds as well.

This system drastically drains the GN Particles count, in order to re-activate this system again, a full 118 seconds cycle must be completed to recharge its particle count back to an optimal level.


In episode 13, Trans-Am Multiplex has been activated for 3 consecutive times, and against all odds, no system crash has occurred. It was speculated that the Triple Drive System can sometimes reach an absolute state without any risks of malfunctioning when activated consecutively.

Notes & Trivia

The recharge period of 118 seconds is inspired by the nucleon number of Ununoctium is the periodic table.

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