XMAF-1103vc Valkyrie Cyclone, art by John Nigel

XMAF-1103vc Valkyrie Cyclone

Prototype Newtype Use Anti-Mobile Suit Tactical Fighter
Model Number: XMAF-1103vc
Namesake: Valkyrie Cyclone
Developed from: XMAF-1102vg Valkyrie Gust
First Deployment:
Manufacturer: Anaheim Electronics Black Wing Division
Operator: Royal Zeon Empire
Known Pilot(s):
Overall Height: 5.37 meters
Empty Weight: 13,250 kg
Maximum Weight: 49,037 kg

1 x ultracompact fission reactor, power output rating 5772 kW

  • 2 x main thrusters
  • 2 x AE retrograde vernier thrusters
  • 4 x additional boosters - stored in Milliardo Flight System
  • 6 x side vector thrusters
Atmospheric G-limits:

+3.6 G

Space G-limits: +8.8 G
Sensor Range: 14000 meters
Accommodation: Pilot only, in standard canopy style cockpit
  • E-carbon composite
  • Macross technology armor padding
OS: Unknown

XMAF-1103vc Valkyrie Cyclone is a mobile armor featured in the fan fiction MS GUNDAM: THE LOST CENTURY Interquel story arc.

Weapons and Armaments:Edit

  • 1 x Aurora beam launcher
  • 1 x solid projectile gun
  • 2 x "Einherjar" beam cannon
  • 2 x anti-missile machine gun
  • 10 x missile pods - stored in the missile bay in the rear

Equipment and Design Features:Edit

  • 2 x "Aegis du Ciel" generators - is an absolute protection system developed from the H.A.R.O. Field or H-Field. H-Field functions by dispersing and forming Minovsky particles into an array of expanding spherical pulses that can be adjusted in terms of area span. By continually dispersing the particles into spherical pulses, an orb-like field is generated that negates beam-based weaponry. The Aegis du Ciel, however, draws its strength in pinpointing accurately the dispersal and formation of the Minovsky particles to the exact target point. By doing so, the particles can be arranged densely without unnecessarily protecting an untargeted area, boasting the highest defensive power against virtually all beam-based weaponry, even that of a small battleship. However, its downside is that lengthened use can significantly drain the mobile armor's power. The system has to charge enough energy particles before it can be deployed. To alleviate this problem, a particle condenser is used to allow prolonged use.
  • Anti-missile flares
  • Biometric signature startup protocol
  • 2 x Milliardo Flight system - two booster pods mounted on the mobile armor's rear.
  • Neuro-link Control Strategy - Being an artificial or "enhanced" newtype, Frost was being subjected to the Sixth Day Protocol of the Royal Zeon Empire. He was biologically experimented, installing five electro-neurological ports in his spinal column. The purpose for this is for him to mentally control any mobile suit or mobile armor equipped with the same system. Five sensor rods are automatically inserted to these ports. The effects of this system is enormously numbing pain to Frost, who eventually mastered the system.



Modified GunPla Images:Edit

P16-09-11 07.00

XMAF-1003vc Valkyrie Cyclone, in normal mode, modified plamo by John Nigel

P16-09-11 07.01

XMAF-1103vc Valkyrie Cyclone, side view

P16-09-11 07.01-1-

XMAF-1103vc Valkyrie Cyclone, aft view

P16-09-11 07.02-2-

XMAF-1103vc Valkyrie Cyclone, ultrasonic mode, Milliardo Flight System engaged

P16-09-11 07.03-2-

XMAF-1103vc Valkyrie Cyclone, featuring Aurora Beam launcher and solid projectile gun

P16-09-11 07.04-1-

XMAF-1103vc Valkyrie Cyclone, with 2 x "Einherjar" beam cannon