ZXRJ-F4000 Fear Gundam

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front view of Fear Gundam

Medium-Long Range Gundam

Imba Corporation


Royal Zeon Empire

First Deployment: ???? LC
Accomodation: Pilot only (Phobos Bartram), standard cockpit in torso
Height, Weight:
  • 17.4 meters
  • 8.5 metric tons
Armor Materials:

Gundarium Alloy

Power Source
  • Minosky Ultracompact Fusion Reactor
  • unknown
  • Buster Cannon Funnel x 4
  • Large Fang x 4
  • Beam Shield
  • I-Field
  • Dummy Air Bomb
  • Beam Saber x 2
  • Micro Wave Cannon
Special Systems & Features

ZXRJ-F4000 Fear Gundam

Fear Gundam is a gundam utilized by Phobos Bartram. Role Played by Hero RJ Melendres in LWC Fanfic.

Technology & Characteristics

Chaos System is a system that temporarily multiplies combat performance of the Fear Gundam up to 6 times, when activated, Fear Gundam's eyes turn dark.

Puppet Control System is a trump card system that takes control of Mobile Suits or Mobile Armor via the employment of a maximum number of 4 little spider-like Puppet Droids onto maximum of 4 host Mobile Suits and takes up to 20 seconds to hack into its system(s), from this point on, the droids will use these victimized Mobile Suits to send out transmissions containing a code similar to the Puppet Droid's core code. Any Mobile Suit that comes within the range of 50 meters from the host Mobile Suit(s) for 20 seconds will be hacked as well.

The second batch of victimised Mobile Suits continues the cycle until the Puppet Droids run out of power or are shot down. The more Mobile Suit the system controls, the faster the Puppet Droids run out of power, so it is crucial for the user to choose more powerful suits to control.

Puppet Control system is most effective against grunt suits without any strong system protection. Any Gundam type unit without formidable system protection(s) may also be victimized if the Puppet Droids managed to attach onto it.



Notes & Trivia