ZXRJ-H4600 Gundam Hero
Prototype General Purpose Mobile Suit
Model Number: ZXRJ-H4600
Namesake: Gundam Hero
First Deployment: July 27, LC 0038
Manufacturer: Royal Zeon Empire Iberia Base
Operator: Freed Melendrez
Known Pilot(s):
Overall Height: 16.7 meters
Empty Weight: 12 metric tons
Maximum Weight: Unknown
Powerplant: Ultracompact Hyper-Deuterion Nuclear Reactor, power output rating unknown

2 x rocket thrusters

Maximum Acceleration: 88,150 kg total
Sensor range: Unknown
Accommodation: Pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso
Armor: Gundanium alloy
OS: Standard use MS operating System

ZXRJ-H4600 Gundam Hero is a prototype general purpose mobile suit of the fan fiction MS Gundam: The Lost War Chronicles. Stolen from the Royal Zeon Empire, it is currently piloted by Freed "Hero" Melendres.

Weapons and Armaments:Edit

  • Guardian Sword - mounted on right back torso
  • Mega Hyper Cannon - mounted on left back torso (4x times the blash of the satellite cannon of GX and can charge shot to bigger the beam)
  • Paladin Shield - stored on left arm (can be separated into 8 shield pods and each pod can create an I-field length 2100meters wide or 5 Archangel)
  • Hi-Beam Saber - High energy beam saber (can be fuse to the Guardian Sword and can form slash beam 140° and can be fuse to Mega Hyper Cannon that will create a big beam saber like METEOR beam sword)
  • Beam Blaster - mounted on right arm

Equipment and Design Features:Edit

  • G-Ad System (Gundam Adrenaline) - a system originally not installed by the Royal Zeon. It was a later addition by Hero himself to the mobile suit. It allows the unit to increase its speed, mobility, reaction to pilot input, therefore further improving overall combat abilities. G-Ad System also programs the mobile suit to perform a very destructive combo attack "Flash Omnislash".
  • G-Ad System X1 to X4 - enhancing the speed for 40mins
  • X1 - is raising the speed to 2 times of the normal speed (front Omnislash random hits)​
  • X2 - is raising the speed to 4 times of the normal speed (flash Omnislash 10 hits w/ final Guardian Sword slash)
  • X3 - is raising the speed to 6 times of the normal speed (flash Omnislash w/ final Mega Hyper Cannon blast)
  • X4 "Burst Mode" - is raising the speed to 10 times of the normal speed but after usinng X4 the gundam will losing power.


The Gundam was stolen by May Yuuri of NEU from the Royal Zeon Empire mobile suit factory on earth and secretly transported it into space through a space transport. The High Command secretly commisioned the Space Mercenaries to hunt down and retrieve the unit. As the mercenaries hijacked the space transport, May Yuuri died in the process, wherein Alstaire Melendrez, Freed's father activated the partially completed Gundam to fend off the enemies.


  • Gundam Hero was initially piloted by May Yuuri after she stole the mobile suit from Royal Zeon Empire's mobile weapons development factory in Iberia.
  • Up to its first combat deployment with Alstaire Melendres piloting, its name was still unknown. The name Gundam Hero was given by Freed Melendrez himself.

Fan Fiction Images:Edit


Gundam Hero, with G-Adrenaline activated



Guardian sword

Guardian Sword of Gundam Hero


Beam Saber Cannon