Zyann nigelZyann Nigel, a protagonist from MS Gundam fanfic, Lost War Chronicles
Genetic Type: Type B Emergence Newtype
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel Blue
Age: 18
Date of Birth: November 02, LC 25
Place of Birth: Lagrange 1 Side 2 residential colony “Dunamis”
Blood Type: AB-
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 52 kg.
Gender: Female
Affiliation: NEU
Allegiance: NEU
Mobile Suit:

OZ-1115+MBF01 Astraeus Blaze

OZ-1115+MBF01H Astraeus Hi-Blaze

Zyann Nigel is the pilot of OZ-1115+MBF01 Astraeus Blaze and its successor, OZ-1115+MBF01H Astraeus Hi-Blaze, and is one of the protagonist of MS Gundam Lost War Chronicles fan fiction.

Personality and Character:

Zyann has a strong sense of justice and fairness, as she always fought for those being bullied in her school during childhood; always regards people with gratefulness, especially those who saved her life; boyish, due to being raised by her father, John Nigel in her childhood and by Uncle Bill [William Gates XV], in her teenage years; losing her mother while she was still an infant, she looks for a mother figure; hates when guys treat her like a child; ignores interest in romance and the opposite sex; does not wholly understand the implications of wars, but she is trying to cope with the demands on her, as she is being dragged deeper into the conflict.

Skills and Abilities:

Exhibits Newtype abilities in the story, but only during active MS combat, especially when put into grave danger [enhanced peripheral awareness, including the detection of other Newtypes; capability of “feeling” other Newtypes’ emotions and/or fears as well as pain; perceptive notably to hostile intentions toward her, able to react beforehand in such hazards]; unusual adaptive ability [like Garrod Ran]; she was tested and categorized as “Type B Emergence” by the Newtype Bureau when she was born; able to excellently control Astraeus’ 6 remote weapons through the help of Aletheia System; knows how to play the piano


Her father and mother were earthlings. Born in space, from Langrange 1 Side 2 residential colony “Dunamis” [a Royal Zeon territory], her mother died giving birth to her. She grew up without any significant influence from females, but she learned values from her principled father, and mostly from Uncle Bill, a brilliant MS engineer, scientist, and musician. She knew of wars and MS battles, but she never knew that her father, seeing the oppression of some Royal Zeon dignitaries and leaders towards the people on earth, secretly helped the Earth Militaire in their resistance. Her Uncle Bill once said to her that “everything is fair in love and war”, and being dragged into the whole mess, she struggles to accept such life’s reality.